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Paying for Autism

By Shannon Penrod

Even ten years ago it was widely believed that there was no help for Autism.  We still have many questions to answer about Autism, but for many parents the main question is now, “How do we afford the help that is out there?”  Today on Everyday Autism Miracles we are going to talk about the money side of Autism.  We’ll brainstorm ideas for every financial situation, because the truth is there is hope for Autism and there are people and organizations who are willing to help you fund your journey if only in part.

I have a friend who is fond of saying, “Show me the dollar sign over my child’s head.  I don’t see it.  But if you can show it to me I’ll shut up.” and then she keeps right on talking.  She’s been able to fund a great deal of treatment simply because she won’t give up.  Not giving up is a great skill to have when you have a child with Autism.  Tune in to today’s show and get some new ideas and new inspiration about how you CAN make this happen!  After all our kids are worth every penny!


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Funding Your Autism Journey

I know a Mom who loves to say, “Show me the price tag that is over my child’s head, because I don’t see it.” Sometimes it feels like that is what your child’s well being comes down to – a price tag. Personally, I hate the idea that there is a single child in this world who isn’t getting the treatment they need because of money but I especially struggled when I thought it was going to be own child. That is about the worst feeling there is.

I know that we came up with some pretty out-of-the-box ideas to raise money for our son’s treatment and I’m thinking we aren’t the only parents to do so. In March I am going to be doing an entire show on ways to fund your Autism journey and I would love to get some ideas from other people who have been through it and survived. And yes, bankruptcy counts as survival.

Leave me a comment about how you have managed to make ends meet, and I will share the best ideas on the air!

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