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Paying for Autism

By Shannon Penrod

Even ten years ago it was widely believed that there was no help for Autism.  We still have many questions to answer about Autism, but for many parents the main question is now, “How do we afford the help that is out there?”  Today on Everyday Autism Miracles we are going to talk about the money side of Autism.  We’ll brainstorm ideas for every financial situation, because the truth is there is hope for Autism and there are people and organizations who are willing to help you fund your journey if only in part.

I have a friend who is fond of saying, “Show me the dollar sign over my child’s head.  I don’t see it.  But if you can show it to me I’ll shut up.” and then she keeps right on talking.  She’s been able to fund a great deal of treatment simply because she won’t give up.  Not giving up is a great skill to have when you have a child with Autism.  Tune in to today’s show and get some new ideas and new inspiration about how you CAN make this happen!  After all our kids are worth every penny!


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Insurance and Autism-Questions and Answers

by Shannon Penrod

With all of the recent changes in insurance coverage for Autism, do you know what your provider will cover?  This week on Everyday Autism Miracles Bryce Miler, an insurance expert specializing in Autism, will be joining us to provide up to date information about what’s covered, whose covered and how to start using your benefits.

Bryce will join us fresh from attending an Autism Votes conference in Washington D.C. and she’s ready to answer your questions.  Everyday Autism Miracles airs live on Fridays at 2pm EST, 1pm Central, Noon Mountain Time and 11am Pacific Time.  You can listen live by visiting www.toginet.com.   To ask Bryce a question call 877.864.4869 during the live show on Oct 29th 2010 or email shannon@everydayautismmiracles your question by the 28th of October and she will ask Bryce your question during the live show.  You can listen to the answer by downloading the FREE podcast on the show page www.toginet.com/shows/everydayautismmiracles or on iTunes

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