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Anti-Cancer and Autism – What’s the Connection?

By Shannon Penrod

A year ago, while Biomed Mom Joanne Allor and I were at the Fall Autism
Research Institute (DAN) Conference in Long Beach CA, I attended a talk about
Autism and the Immune system.  At the end of the session
the speaker urged all of the parents in the room to get screened regularly for
cancer.  In particular for breast, colon and prostate cancers.  For whatever
reason they were seeing a trend in their practice of parents being diagnosed
with these three cancers.  It sent a shiver up everyone’s spine.  Like it isn’t
enough to have a child on the spectrum – we need to worry about cancer too??

The reality is that cancer touches all of us.  Having a child on the spectrum
doesn’t exempt you. This was made painfully obvious to Joanne when she lost a
second sister to cancer this summer.  That’s when her son’s doctor recommended
she read “Anticancer – A New Way of Life” by David Servan-Schreiber.  On this
week’s Everyday Autism Miracles Joanne is going to join us to talk about this
important book and how is has changed how she looks at things.  She’ll tell us
why it is so important that we know this information and make changes in our
children’s lives to ensure they live longer and happier.

Of course we are also going to take a few minutes to celebrate the fact that
California has become the 28th state to pass Autism Insurance Reform.  They said
it couldn’t happen – but somehow it did!  Join us at 7pm EST and 4pm PST to hear
all the news.  Better yet, join the conversation at 877.864.4869.


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Paying for Autism

By Shannon Penrod

Even ten years ago it was widely believed that there was no help for Autism.  We still have many questions to answer about Autism, but for many parents the main question is now, “How do we afford the help that is out there?”  Today on Everyday Autism Miracles we are going to talk about the money side of Autism.  We’ll brainstorm ideas for every financial situation, because the truth is there is hope for Autism and there are people and organizations who are willing to help you fund your journey if only in part.

I have a friend who is fond of saying, “Show me the dollar sign over my child’s head.  I don’t see it.  But if you can show it to me I’ll shut up.” and then she keeps right on talking.  She’s been able to fund a great deal of treatment simply because she won’t give up.  Not giving up is a great skill to have when you have a child with Autism.  Tune in to today’s show and get some new ideas and new inspiration about how you CAN make this happen!  After all our kids are worth every penny!

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Everyday Autism Miracles is Moving to Mondays

by Shannon Penrod

Everyday Autism Miracles is moving to Mondays at 7pm EST starting on Monday Feb 7th on Toginet RadioRecorded podcasts of the live show will still be available for free, both on the showpage and on iTunes.  The Monday February 7th show will be the fifth in a six part series titled, “My Child Was Just Diagnosed with Autism; What do I do Now?”  Previous episodes have featured the topics Diagnosis, Dietary Interventions, BioMedical Interventions and ABA Therapy.  This weeks show will center on other forms of therapy like HBOT, AIT, Horse Therapy,  Sensory Integration, OT etc…  On Feb 14th, the final show in the series will focus on funding Autism.  It’s great to talk about the therapies and interventions that can help with Autism but if you can’t afford them what’s the point?  We are going to talk about all of the ways to fund your journey through Autism.  You won’t want to miss it!

You might be asking yourself why we are moving time slots?  Ahhhhh, well there is a BIG announcement that will explain all of that.  Tune in to Monday’s show to hear the big news!

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Insurance and Autism-Questions and Answers

by Shannon Penrod

With all of the recent changes in insurance coverage for Autism, do you know what your provider will cover?  This week on Everyday Autism Miracles Bryce Miler, an insurance expert specializing in Autism, will be joining us to provide up to date information about what’s covered, whose covered and how to start using your benefits.

Bryce will join us fresh from attending an Autism Votes conference in Washington D.C. and she’s ready to answer your questions.  Everyday Autism Miracles airs live on Fridays at 2pm EST, 1pm Central, Noon Mountain Time and 11am Pacific Time.  You can listen live by visiting   To ask Bryce a question call 877.864.4869 during the live show on Oct 29th 2010 or email shannon@everydayautismmiracles your question by the 28th of October and she will ask Bryce your question during the live show.  You can listen to the answer by downloading the FREE podcast on the show page or on iTunes

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ACT Today! on this week’s Everyday Autism Miracles

by Shannon Penrod

Two of the big subjects we are tackling this season on Everyday Autism Miracles are funding and help for Military families who have a child on the spectrum.  This week our guest is going to be able to address both topics.  Laura Marroquin is the Director of Marketing and Development for ACT Today!  a non-profit organization that is devoted to providing treatment and support for children on the spectrum to reach their full potential. 

ACT Today! facilitates grants for families that are in need of treatment and therapy.  Frecently they began an initiative to help Military families whose children are on the Autism Spectrum.

It is maddening to think that any child could be denied treatment because of their family’s inability to pay.  It is especially maddening that our service men and woman are not able to give their children the help that so many of us are able to give their children.  And with all of the recent headway in insurance, Military families are excluded. 

Join us this week as Laura tells us what ACT Today is doing to help families both Military and Civilian.  This promises to be an inspirational show with real solutions.

Everyday Autism Miracles airs every Friday at 2pm Eastern Time and 11am Pacific Time on Toginet Radio  The toll free call in number is 877.864.4869   Free podcasts of the show are available on the show page and on iTunes.

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CARD’s Ride and Style

by Shannon Penrod

I love well planned Autism events.  You know what I mean…when someone was really thinking and put together an event that your entire family could enjoy and not have to spend an arm and a leg.  On July 25th The Center for Autism and Related Disorders and the Allen Edwards Day Spa and Salon will be sponsoring The Ride and Style for Autism in Woodland Hills, Ca.  This is an event that hits it on all levels for me.  There are games for the kids both on the spectrum and off, there are custom cars and motorbikes for the thrill seekers in your family AND best of all Allen Edwards and his entire team are going to be on hand styling peoples hair for only $25 all of which benefits Autism treatment and research!  What’s not to love?  Even better it’s affordable – admission for a family is only $20 – You can go through $20 at Chuck E. Cheeses in less than an hour! and this event is from 11am to 6pm.  Check it out for further info visit

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Funding Your Autism Journey

I know a Mom who loves to say, “Show me the price tag that is over my child’s head, because I don’t see it.” Sometimes it feels like that is what your child’s well being comes down to – a price tag. Personally, I hate the idea that there is a single child in this world who isn’t getting the treatment they need because of money but I especially struggled when I thought it was going to be own child. That is about the worst feeling there is.

I know that we came up with some pretty out-of-the-box ideas to raise money for our son’s treatment and I’m thinking we aren’t the only parents to do so. In March I am going to be doing an entire show on ways to fund your Autism journey and I would love to get some ideas from other people who have been through it and survived. And yes, bankruptcy counts as survival.

Leave me a comment about how you have managed to make ends meet, and I will share the best ideas on the air!

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