ABA Therapy: Autism’s Answer??

By the time your child is diagnosed with Autism you’re already exhausted and anyone who knows will tell you the real work lies ahead of you. You know you need to get your child help and you need to get it quickly. You don’t have time to reinvent the wheel or to search out the cause of Autism. You need an intervention that has been proven scientifically effective, one that takes your child’s individual strengths and deficits into consideration. You need something that can quickly begin to build your child’s skills while at the same time diminish your child’s challenging behaviors. In short, you need a really good ABA therapy program.

ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis which was first introduced in 1957 when Skinner wrote Verbal Behavior. In the ’80’s Lovaas first used ABA with children on the spectrum to see if the principals of ABA could have a long term affect on Autism. His results were astounding. In 1987 he published his findings, after 2 years of intensive ABA therapy 47% percent of the children in the study were largely indistinguishable from their neuro-typical peers, the rest of the group showed considerable improvement. Since that time there have been several studies that have replicated Lovaas’ initial study. It is for this reason that the scientific community has embraced ABA as the only treatment for Autism proven scientifically effective. Insurance companies, who for years claimed they did not have to pay for Autism Treatments because nothing had been proven effective, are now beginning to pay for ABA programs.

The science is important, crucial to getting an ABA program funded, but ask any parent who has a child in a quality ABA program what the benefits are and they will tell you simply, “I’m getting my child back!”

This week on Everyday Autism Miracles we are going to talk about ABA therapy, parent to parent. What is it really like? Is it worth it? What does it mean for the family and how can you get it? Tune in to hear host Shannon Penrod describe what she calls “The Autism Miracle in My Living Room.”


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