Getting Kids with Autism Ready for College

By Shannon Penrod

When the pediatrician looks at your child and says the word “Autism” thoughts of college don’t necessarily go away, but they frequently go on a back burner.  When you have to worry about kindergarten, college can seem like a long way off.  Dr. Sarita Freedman has written a wonderful book, Developing College Skills in Students with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, which helps us to prepare our children no matter what their age or where they are on the spectrum.

Dr. Sarita Freedman will join us on Everyday Autism Miracles this week to talk about all of the skills that our children need in order to get them ready for college and at what age we can start to build these skills.  She also has a great deal of information about how to advocate for your college age child in order to make their experience of college more successful.  For more information visit

Joining us on this episode of Everyday Autism Miracles will be two of our Interns, both who are college students with ASD.  Biomed Mom Joanne Allor will also join us with new tips on interventions for our kids and tune in to hear how Jem is doing on his Methyl B12 shots!

The live show airs Fridays at 2pm Eastern time, 11am Pacific.  Call 877.864.4869 with questions and comments.


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