SKILLS:Autism’s Newest Tool

By Shannon Penrod

Before my son was diagnosed with Autism, I was desperately trying to teach him the alphabet and his colors.  It was an exercise in frustration.  I could get him to say A–B–C on some days but I could never get further and the next day it was as though the slate had been wiped clean.  I am a teacher and I couldn’t teach my own child the alphabet!  I was frightened and demoralized.  I kept plugging away, but while other kids learned the alphabet and moved on to other prereading skills, my son still couldn’t get the beginning of the alphabet.  He was getting further and further behind and I had no idea how to stop it. 

At that time I met a woman who gave me Christina Adam’s book,  A Real Boy.  In this true account of a boy who recovered from Autism, the Mom took her son to The Center For Autism and Related Disorders.  There she met  Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh who said to the Mom, “We are going to get your child caught up.”  and that is exactly what CARD did for her child.  The mom who gave me the book had taken her child to CARD and had been told, “We’re going to catch your child up.”  And they did catch him up.  I was sold.  I didn’t know how they could catch up my child when I hadn’t been able to do it – but I was willing to try.

They did catch my child up, and faster than I could have ever imagined. It was fascinating.  CARD had a program for every skill imaginable.  They called it the CARD Curriculum.  It was like finding the answers to all my son’s issues all in one place.  It was literally a miracle in our lives.  I saw my child bloom and grow right before my eyes.  It was so moving.  I was grateful, but I couldn’t help wishing that every parent and every child affected by Autism could have the benefit of this amazing curriculum.  THAT DAY IS FINALLY HERE!

This week on Everyday Autism Miracles we will be introducing SKILLS the interactive computer program that gives you full access to the CARD curriculum.  Joining us will be Merrick Williams and Joe Mohs from CARD to tell us how this amazing program can work in your home.  As if that isn’t exciting enough, Joe Mohs is a recovered adult having benefited from this curriculum.  This is going to be an exciting hour filled with hope and information about how you can catch your child up.

For more information on SKILLS visit :

CARD has given us 50 free trial memberships to give to Everyday Autism Miracles listeners.  To register to win a SKILLS trial please email me at  include your name and a sentence about what why you would like to try SKILLS.  Listen to the live show on Friday November 12th at 2pm Eastern Time, 11am Pacific Time on  to hear if you have won a free trial of SKILLS.  Call in to the live show to ask questions at 877.864.4869.  Download the free podcast of the show at or the free podcast that is available on iTunes by visiting:


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