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The Second Season of Everyday Autism Miracles

By Shannon Penrod

If someone had told me ten years ago that in the future I would be hosting a talk radio show called “Everyday Autism Miracles” I would have assured them were off their nut.  Ten years ago what I knew about Autism couldn’t have filled a Dixie cup and I wasn’t interested in changing the situation.  Autism scared the crap out of me.  As the saying goes time changes everything.  Autism doesn’t scare me anymore.  What scares me now are people who think like I used to and are too afraid to even learn about Autism.

As we get ready to lauch the second season of Everyday Autism Miracles this week I am excited about all of the new information there is to share about Autism, all of the hope, grants, research, funding, biomeds, therapies and programs that are turning the tide.

There is still a lot to be done but there is much to celebrate!  This season on Everyday Autism Miracles we are going to be talking about help for military families affected by Autism, the current status of insurance coverage for Autism treatments, how to get funding for Autism therapies and a program that is going to level the playing field and make it possible for all children with Autism to receive treatment.  We’re going to continue talking to experts and parents who are “getting it done.” 

We are going to keep talking about Autism, so that in ten years time there will be no need to host a radio show about Autism.  If  know a child with Autism join in the conversation on Fridays at 2pm Eastern Standard Time and 11am Pacific time by visiting  You can listen to all of the episodes from season 1 by visiting and you can download the free podcast on iTunes by visiting:


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Faith or Actions

by Eric Goldin


My name is Eric Goldin. I’m currently a college student who has Autism. I love to talk about my views on wide variety of topics. I especially love talking about politics, religion, and philosophy.  Getting into worldly discussions with people is a great passion for me. Today I want to talk about a religious topic. I’m not going to bash any religion. I’m not going to promote any religion. I just want to talk about my views today on a divide amongst Christians – those who believe Actions earn you a spot into Heaven, and those who believe only the good graces of God admits you into Heaven.

This is a very interesting topic for me. I’ve talked to a couple different Pastors and Theologians on the issue. It has come to my understanding that most mainstream Christians today believe every human being is rotten with sin and deserves condemnation to Hell, but only the good graces of God admits you into Heaven. However, there are a few Christians who believe actions and worldly deeds earn you a spot into Heaven. Both sides make sense to me and I want to give the pros and cons on both views.

First I want to talk about the Christians who believe the good graces of God admits you into Heaven. This makes perfect sense to me because every human being is a sinner by nature. Even the most morally righteous person does many bad things in their everyday life. I would like to think of myself as a good person – a person who deserves to go to Heaven on my own accord – but in reality I don’t deserve Heaven. I have done many bad things in my life. I have many selfish thoughts daily. I lust for things daily. I blame others for my short comings daily. It makes perfect sense that only God admits you into Heaven. However, I don’t believe faith alone can admit you into Heaven. I believe it takes something more – that’s where actions come in.

I mean, what good is it to call yourself a Christian if you don’t live a good lifestyle. I personally belive to be a Christian you have to help your fellow man and be helping of all mankind. I believe you have to help those in need and be a good humanitarian. I believe God looks at all the good works that you do and sees if you deserve to go to Heaven. However, there’s a problem with this. Even the best person in the world has sinned everyday of his life – has been selfish everyday of his life. It could be the good graces of God that admits you into Heaven.

Overall, there are many viewpoints on this issue. I think both viewpoints have much validity, but each one has a few cons. I personally tend to believe God looks at your actions on Earth and you earn a spot in Heaven. But I want to know what you think. Please leave a comment and leave your opinion.

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