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Our Week in Autism

By Shannon Penrod

This week, which already seems 3 weeks long, started with a visit to YNN in Albany to do a piece on Autism Symptoms in young children.  You can see the finished piece here  I loved doing the piece, it is a subject near and dear to my heart.  If I had known that any loss of any skill at and age was a cause for concern I wouldn’t have listened to our pediatrician and my child would have started therapy 6 months earlier than he did.  If I can spare one parent that pain, I will sleep better at night.  On a much lighter note, after taping the piece we got a tour of the YNN Studio.  This was more fun that Disneyland!  I’m not kidding.  My son had so much fun doing the weather in front of the green screen!  There were four adults there and our faces hurt from smiling.  I seriously think Disneyland needs to incorporate an interactive news studio into their theme parks.  It was soooooo much fun.  Thank you to the folks at YNN and Tammy Palmer for making it such a gas!

On Monday we flew home.  We were on one plane from NY to LAX for over 5 hours.  Right as we stood to deplane my son had his one and only meltdown and started to whine loudly.  Everyone turned around and looked at him.  It was such an interesting moment because I wanted to say to them, “Seriously, isn’t this what we’re all feeling?”  But then I realized they had turned around in shock because they didn’t realize they had been flying all these hours with a relatively young child!  It was a small victory.

On Tuesday we heard that one of our heroes, Dr. Ivar Lovaas had died.  I never got to meet the man, but his work lives on in the superheroes and superheroes in training who come to our home every week to do ABA therapy with our child.  God Bless Ivar Lovaas and all who study him in order to give us back our children.

On Friday we will finish out the week by having the lovely Monica Holloway on Everyday Autism Miracles.  She is the author of Cowboy and Wills, a loving memoir of her son’s relationship with his dog Cowboy.  It is a journey through Autism that is poignant and beautifully written.  I can’t wait to talk to Monica.


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