Autism and the IEP

UGGGGHHHHHH!  It’s that time of year again.  It’s time to strap on your armor and walk into one of the most important meetings you will attend as a parent, the dreaded IEP, which is short for Individual Education Plan.  The outcome of this meeting will have a large influence on whether the next year of your child’s life will be productive, safe and happy.  Try not screw anything up.  Seriously, no pressure though!

Do you ever feel like it shouldn’t be that hard?  It shouldn’t!  On Friday May 7th, Bonnie Yates of the Bonnie Z. Yates Law Firm is going to join us on Everyday Autism Miracles to give us all the info we need as parents to get the most out of our child’s IEP meeting.  That’s right, the lawyer is in!  She’s taking your calls and giving free advise on IEP’s.  Don’t miss out!  The live show will air on Friday May 7th at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific, at that time you can call in with questions at 887-864-4869, listen in at  Download the free podcast of the show on Saturday by visiting or you can subscribe to the free podcast on iTunes at

Shannon Penrod is the host of Everyday Autism Miracles on the HerInsight Network.  She is an author, speaker and coach and most importantly the mother of a six year old recovering from Autism.  You can subscribe to the free podcast of Everyday Autism miracles on iTunes or download it here.


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