Auditory Integration Therapy

by Shannon Penrod

Are you ever felt overwhelmed by too much noise?  The other day we came in the house and both my husband and my son were talking,  on top of that my son turned the TV on while I was trying to listen to the answering machine tell me who had called while we were out.  I couldn’t hear anything because there was just too much noise, on so many different levels.  I got really cranky.  Really cranky.  I couldn’t help but imagine what it is like to have an auditory processing disorder.  Imagine if every noise was at a decibel that made you uncomfortable.  It would be hard to learn, hard to listen, hard to focus, maybe even hard to speak.  Auditory Integration Therapy helps to normalize your brain’s reaction to sound so you can hear more, with less anxiety.  It can be very useful with children on the Autism pectrum.

Interested in finding out more about this exciting therapy?  Tune in this morning when Kimberleigh Herwil-Levin joins us to talk about her experience as a parent of a child on the spectrum and the  her practice of AIT.  You won’t want to miss this exciting show.


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