This Week’s Guest DAN Dr. Eric Sletten

by Shannon Penrod

Chances are if you have a child that is diagnosed with Autism you have either been to a DAN practioner or considered it.  DAN (Defeat Autism Now) practioners are on the front line of biomedical intervention for Autism.  Since 1995 The Autism Research Institute has regularly held conferences for parents, caregivers and practitioners to discuss effective medical treatments for Autism.  Their work and the practitioners who adhere to their protocal have come to be known as DAN practitioners.  This week on Everyday Autism Miracles we are very fortunate to have as a guest Dr. Eric Sletten.

He will be talking with us about what the DAN protocol is and why it is important to children on the spectrum.  He’ll also be giving insights into things parents can do for their children NOW, even without having been to a DAN Doctor.  This is an important  show that no one will want to miss


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