Unraveling Mysteries with Karyn Seroussi

When a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder a parent generally has more questions than answers. More often than not the medical people in the child’s life will have very few answers to offer.  Even with all of the recent advances in the field Autism remains a bit of a mystery.  Additionally, it seems that each child is differe

nt, which leaves a parent the job of becoming a detective.  When Karyn Seroussi’s son was diagnosed with autism in the mid 90s, she took on the role of detective with passion. In 2000 her book,  Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother’s Story of Research and Recovery, which details the journey she took with her son.  Over the past dec

ade Karyn’s book has helped thousands of parents in their roles as detectives to sort through their own children’s Autism.

Today, Karyn’s son is a normal healthy teenager.  In her ongoing mission to help f

amilies on their Autism journey Karyn has co-authored a new book with her Autism Network for Dietary Intervention partner Lisa Lewis.  The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions for the Treatment of Autism and Related Disorders  is an absolute essential for any parent participating in dietary intervention, whether they are beginners starting out or hardened veterans.  This book is a comprehensive compelation of thirteen years of work and research by two established experts in the field.


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