Marriage, Recipes and More This Week!

I love talking to Moms who have been where I am and survived.  I especially love it if they are still happily married.  I’ve heard the statistics and so has my husband.  When we got married some one told us that half of all marriages end in divorce.  Nice odds!  A 50/50 chance of keeping it together.  Then when our son was diagnosed with Autism some other well-meaning soul told us some silly number like 76% of all marriages with a special needs child end in divorce.  Nice!  Who thinks to actually quote these dismal numbers.  Then a couple of years ago we heard that 87% of all marriages with a child diagnosed with Autism end in divorce.  I am sure that it is wrong, and we are probably going to hell, but when we heard that we started laughing hysterically.  Come on at that point it’s time to either laugh or cry and laughing is every so much more fun.  Seriously, why don’t they just tell all of us to give up!  It’s hard that’s for sure.  Marriage is one of toughest jobs I’ve ever loved, kind of like motherhood.  And while I can’t compare my marriage to a marriage without a special needs child – I’ve never been in a marriage without a special needs child – I certainly see where there is plenty of room for added stress.  So my question has always been, “Where’s the tool box?  How can my husband and I keep our marriage strong despite these statistics?”  And I have been looking ever since for a couple who has “been there and done that!”

That is why this week I am thrilled to have Moira Giametteo on Everyday Autism Miracles.  She is a mom of two boys, one of whom is on the spectrum.  She is heavily involved in TACA and even heads her local chapter, she is a biomed mom mentor and she is happily married to her husband Michael.  Together they have begun doing workshops about surviving Autism as a couple.

I can’t wait to hear what she has to say!  I hope you will tune in to hear her story, to hear about all of the resources available at TACA and to hear some great advice about keeping a marriage strong through this journey.

This week we are also going to have another Biomed Mom Question  – have you read Joanne’s blog on keeping the flu away?  Boy do I wish I had read it two months ago!  And we are going to be talking about GFCF recipes and a possible contest coming up!  Don’t miss it!


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