Funding Your Autism Journey

I know a Mom who loves to say, “Show me the price tag that is over my child’s head, because I don’t see it.” Sometimes it feels like that is what your child’s well being comes down to – a price tag. Personally, I hate the idea that there is a single child in this world who isn’t getting the treatment they need because of money but I especially struggled when I thought it was going to be own child. That is about the worst feeling there is.

I know that we came up with some pretty out-of-the-box ideas to raise money for our son’s treatment and I’m thinking we aren’t the only parents to do so. In March I am going to be doing an entire show on ways to fund your Autism journey and I would love to get some ideas from other people who have been through it and survived. And yes, bankruptcy counts as survival.

Leave me a comment about how you have managed to make ends meet, and I will share the best ideas on the air!


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